For the past five years, Ikea has been developing a solidarity campaign in all its stores during the Christmas season to help third world countries. This year, the campaign has already started and is being developed from the 1 in November and until the 5 in January. 1 € is a fortune!

Through this campaign the Swedish multinational will donate 1 euro of each stuffed toy that customers acquire and will donate it to two NGOs: Save The Children y Unicef. The collection will go to projects to improve the education of children, offering them the possibility that they can go to school, adequately training their teachers and building safe schools. With only 1 € five children can have textbooks for a full year.

Since 2003 have been raised over 11 million euros and funded projects in more than 20 countries. What for us is little, for them it is a world. Do not think about it, and the next time you go to Ikea, drop a stuffed animal in the shopping cart.

You can see more information on the website of the Ikea Foundation.

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