Emeco has been and is since its inception a manufacturer of aluminum chairs, but this time it has partnered with Coca-Cola to create chairs with a different material and with an ecological purpose.

The resulting product is called 111 Navy Chair, and it is so called because it is created from 11 plastic containers (or Pets) of Coca-Cola. The result is this beautiful chair, simple, beautiful and also ecological, with the mark of the collaboration of the two companies on the back of the seat.

It is available in six colors: red, white, gray, grass green, persimmon and charcoal, and can also be used outdoors, with 5 years warranty.

From the direction of Emeco they are very excited about the project and they are very capable of doing it: «The new chair is the strongest and most beautiful we have been able to do. We have converted something to use and throw in something that wants and can be maintained over time ».

Further information: Emeco with Coke

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  1. I would love to know if in Buenos Aires, Argentina they get ... If they have an official distributor.
    I love the design of the chair!

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