I lived in a house that had a patio of sixty square meters. When I chose it, I thought I would fill it with giant pots, a pergola, teak garden muebels and lounge chairs with white cushions as a chill out area. However, the house was located in a very cold and windy city, whose summer lasted just under a month and did not compensate the expense. Besides, friends were scarce, and in the end I came to the conclusion that the best thing about the patio was that the dog was at ease and did not need to just take it out for a walk.

I was left with the desire to decorate a surface of those. Whenever I see advertisements selling houses and choose those that have patio or terraces, and start to fantasize. In addition, as I like crafts, I also think of cushions, and curtains of pergolas, on spring tablecloths to match the picnic blanket, anyway. My head is gone.

All this comes to that, diving online, I found with http://sanctuarygardensdesign.com/. It is a garden design company located in Los Angeles, which also offers outdoor furniture. There I found these curious puzzle-shaped benches that I simply would have loved to have in a corner of that cold and windy city courtyard. They would have given him a playful, different, even endearing touch. They are made with wood resistant to the inclemency of the weather, rain, snow and scorching summer sun. They just need, like any furniture of this type, a layer of varnish a year as maintenance, and can be purchased by pieces, which can complete a long row of benches with fun design.