Do you want to renew the kitchen and give it a new look? Do not miss the new trends in kitchens, you will find many ideas, original combinations and novel materials. Then we show them to create a dream space.

Open concept: connected kitchen

Kitchens - open concept
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The kitchen has ceased to be just a work space to become the social center of the house. In it we meet to cook and enjoy the company of our family and friends.

One of the trends of recent years in the design of kitchens are the Open concept and connected with other spaces. The divisions between the dining room, living room and kitchen disappear.

Built-in kitchens in the living room
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The open kitchens are integrated into the living room creating a «unique space»Where homogeneity and functionality prevail.

A solution to get a spatial continuity between the different areas is share the same pavement. Choose a resistant and easy maintenance material.

A simple and practical way of delimit environments es add an island, which will become the nerve center of the kitchen.

Kitchens separated by windows
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Another option is to separate the kitchen from the living area for a large windows, that allow to close the stay to avoid that the fumes and smells leave.

In kitchen design, we bet on integrate the appliances in the furniture. Before a simple glance you knew where the washing machine, dishwasher ... were but now they camouflage discreetly.

Paneled kitchens
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In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. paneled kitchens the appliances are no longer in sight. They offer visual continuity and help better integrate the kitchen with the rest of the spaces.

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Trends in kitchens: materials

Wood kitchens
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The materials that were trend in kitchens last year, maintain their strength and prominence. Cement, stone and natural wood are favorites of decorators and interior designers.

Dark wood kitchens
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Wood is material that It stands out for its beauty and warmth. They are trend natural finishes or «raw»With the veins in sight. The dark tones or tinted in black. Walnut or oak are the woods for appropriate for this space.

Kitchens with microcemento
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The microcement is a versatile material that brings warmth, expressiveness and is consolidated in the kitchens. Very used in countertops for its great beauty and strength. On the pavement he gets Unify the spaces thanks to its continuous finish (without joints).

Kitchens - hydraulic mosaic
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El Hydraulic mosaic is still trend in the pavements and coating of the kitchens. The new designs combine the charm of the old with the benefits of today in terms of resistance and maintenance.

Kitchens - tiles
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The tiles returns with force to coat the cooking area, the sill and to delimit areas. Highlights the subway tiles, models that imitate hydraulic tiles, with geometric shapes.

Kitchens- marble
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The marble countertops and fronts are consolidated to create bright, luxurious spaces. This material is appreciated by architects and decorators over the years for its glamor and power of seduction. The Arabesque and Calacatta Oro finishes They will be the most appreciated. You can find cheaper materials (quartz) that perfectly mimic the marbling finish.

Trends in kitchens: accessories

Kitchens - glass luminaries
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Forget about the spotlights embedded in the ceiling and opt for beautiful decorative luminaires. Decorate the kitchen with the same care that you would with another room in the house, such as the living room or bedroom. Decántate by the models with glass or metal screen, for its ease of cleaning and maintenance.

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Kitchens in dark green
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The dark green sneaks into the kitchens, is the one of the colors protagonists this year 2019. Combined with wood and with metallic accessories, it will create cozy and luxurious environments.

When decorating the kitchen you should pay special attention to small details such as faucets. To give an innovative and different touch choose models that stand out from the rest of the supplements.

Kitchens - golden taps
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The taps in golden color are a trend in kitchens. Also in black, that another of the fashionable tonalities. Nowadays there are great novelties in the design of kitchen fittings: with LED lighting which change according to the temperature of the water. With digital panels to decide the flow, pressure ...

Latest technologies for kitchens

Kitchens - Blue Home
Source: minimalist interiors

«Blue Home» by Grohe offers a new technology: mineralized water with or without gas from the kitchen tap itself. It is designed so that the filtered water does not mix with the one that comes from the network, this is due to the existence of two conduits. You can choose between several finishes.

Kitchens - extractor hoods
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The extractor hoods disappear and they suppose an authentic revolution in the domestic life. You can find models embedded in the ceiling or those that are integrated in the countertops (telescopic). Both are very discreet and go unnoticed.

What do you think about the latest trends in 2019 kitchens? I hope you will be inspired and take them into account to renew your kitchen.