At home or in the office we usually have a pure water dispenser to refresh ourselves whenever we need it. It is usual for a glass to accompany us in the performance of our work, a black coffee or milk. In general, drinking, in addition to refresh, oxygenate and hydrate, helps us to concentrate on tasks that really require it, such as reading or writing. It is proven that drinking a glass of water while writing emails or answering a very long survey reduces levels of anxiety and allows us to accomplish the task. The dispensers are fine, but we could have one that is easy to use as well as beautiful. We always want the best in our spaces.

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The dispenser designed by the Japanese house KIOUEI DESIGN is called GLASS TANK which means "glass tank" and is really what it is. The design concept was to create a great glass for those who do not stop drinking. It consists of a tank made of heat resistant glass from which in the lower part a cup of good size and wide mouth is detached. When the amount of liquid in the cup decreases, more liquid will flow from the tank due to the pressure of air and water. It will never spill and will never be empty. Its weight is 210 g, and it measures 22 cm high, 8 cm in diameter and 13 cm wide. The beautiful object is perfect to offer drinks at a reception or to put it right next to the desk in our husband's office. More information on the website