Nothing like luxury lounging in the bedroom for face an intense day. Like those who are coming after the holidays. Return to the schedules, to the hurries and to the marathon days. But we do not always get it without knowing where the mystery lies. Often the decoration we have chosen is excessive. Or there are plenty of elements that disturb our sweet dreams. I tell you some secrets that can be your salvation.

rest luxury in the bedroom
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There are many factors that can prevent us from sleeping soundly. To rest in luxury in the bedroom, it is necessary be surrounded by a space that encourages. Find a friendly decoration and not enemy because it does not offer adequate lighting, is full of electronic devices or is the living image of chaos. Everything influences against him, but some simple tips can be enough to redirect the situation.

Luxury relax in the bedroom: the friendly decor

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A minimum or no natural light it's key to rest in luxury in the bedroom. Without waking up startled because it enters a crack of clarity through the windows. For something these rooms they are the most intimate spaces of the house, necesitan silence and remain in the dark when it's time to go to bed. It's my first secret to share. Darkness is a great companion of sleep and favors the secretion of melatonin. So it will have to be applied to the letter. I mean, take care with care how the window or the balcony is dressed.

No fluffy curtains and semitransparent, because they will let natural light pour in and they will not leave the room completely in darkness. The best thing will be to think about some bushy curtains, or in about Blinds made to measure with a strong and quite opaque fabric. Take the opportunity to renew them and see how they help you relax in the bedroom. Yes we avoid artificial light points close to the bed. They can be the cause of you waking up several times during the night. Or that you do not finish to conciliate a deep and restful sleep.

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Maximum ventilation: during the day or in the middle of the night

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Maximum darkness during the night and fresh air when the day arrives with the best possible ventilation. It's another great secret to achieve our goal: rest luxury in the bedroom. Definitely it is essential that the air in the room be regenerated and for that, nothing better than to encourage almost instantaneous ventilation. Open the windows for about 10 minutes and let outside air come in, cleaner and pure that of the interior. In this way we will avoid the accumulation of bacteria and toxins expelled during the night. Maybe the time of the shower, or while we drink the first coffee of the day are good times to do it. We will have contributed to improve air quality and thus make it possible to rest in luxury in the bedroom.

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There are more options to achieve adequate ventilation in our most intimate and personal stay at home. It may be that doing it during the day is a complicated task to carry out successfully. In that case, maybe the solution passes through ventilate well at night with just open the door of the room. This simple gesture will allow us to reduce the amount of C02 in the room and this will positively influence the sleep by breathing a less vitiated air. After only missing dress the bed and sink into it to start rest luxury in the bedroom. Without giving up our soft and fluffy clothes, nor to those cushions that make it more stylish and comfortable.

In search of lost order


My third secret is intended Retrieve the order in your most private space. If chaos reigns in it, it will be almost impossible to sleep deeply and relaxed. So that a small manual of very simple standards to carry out will help you solve the problem. Resting in luxury in the bedroom will be infinitely easier if you start saving everything that has invaded your square meters. Or to let go of a large part of them if they bring you more disorder than well-being. Do not leave books or magazines lying on the floor no matter how good a reader you are. As simple as create small literary corners where to have your header readings on hand and organized.

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Another idea in this manual will be look for a specific place for your daily wardrobe and the favorite accessories that you do not take off, such as handbags, belts and handkerchiefs. Also, a space of their own and they will stop generating a certain disordered aesthetic and unhygienic. For example, an informal rack with wheels, or a wooden bearer, in a more romantic design. Y keep the shoes out of this scenario, they bring bacteria home. Let's find a shoe cabinet for the hall or a passage area.

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Nice laundry basket You can also become that great ally to not leave clothes for the room that we know will go to the washing machine. There are very decorative models that do not clash for nothing and certainly fit the style we have given the room. All these little habits shows very valuable to rest in luxury in the bedroom. And there is more. As recover those inside plants his beneficial to purify the environment while we sleep. Some will sound a lot because they have been part of our childhood, for example the typical tape. And other varieties are more now. Specific an Aloe Vera flowerpot It will be an excellent companion, because it will release oxygen in the middle of the night. So do not give up on them.

Stop the TV and the computer

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Finally, two essential secrets to succeed and rest luxury in the bedroom. The first is avoid all digital technology without which we apparently can not live. We will be pleasantly surprised to see that it is not true. From the television to our mobile phone, charger included, the laptop and the tablet they are not a good company. Rather the complete opposite. The bluish light that their screens emit does not help to get to sleep since they prevent your hormone, melatonin, from doing its job. The most opportune will be leave them in another room at home, nothing operational until tomorrow. This way we can recover time to read in bed with a specific light.

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The same thing happens with those papers and dossiers of the work that we strive to review a few minutes before going to bed. Of course they do not help us to relax, nor to think that in a few minutes we will be able to rest in the bedroom immersed in sweet dreams.

Do you need to put some of these secrets into practice?

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  1. It is true that people often have learned bad habits unintentionally or that they have not realized that they are. Thanks for some of the tips, I would not say that all are useful for everyone but if each person brings them to their safe situation that some may take advantage.

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