En Christmas You can not miss the Candles, white or colored candles that we can personalize in a very simple and economic way creating our unique candles that illuminate our table and meetings with friends and family, and if you have children, have them participate by creating their models, they will love it.

We need:

Candles or candles of different colors, white, green, red, silver, gold, blue

Scraps of wallpapers, colored ribbons

Pins with pearl head

Golden thumbtacks




Cut strips of paper as wide as you like and long enough to wrap the candle, creating shapes and drawings of your choice.

Wrap the strip around the candle, at the base or in the center where you prefer according to your design.

Glue both ends.

Candles decorated with ribbons:

Measure the ribbon so you can wrap the candle the desired number of times and cut.

Find the center point of the ribbon and place it on the base of the candle. Bring the two ends one above the other to form an X and fix with a head pin, keep making the X and fixing them making sure to align the center point of all of them.

Candles decorated with gold thumbtacks:

Let your imagination fly and create drawings with them embedding them in the candles.

Once you have decorated all the candles, place them in the center of a tray and surround them with small Christmas decorations, pineapples, balls, stars, strips of gift paper, moss etc, and you have easily created your center Christmas.



  1. All the crafts are fun, witty and ingenious, no doubt that the imagination and the desire to do something fun result in something beautiful made by oneself

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