With Christmas about to officially start, this year more than ever you want a decoration away from the traditional. Fill your spaces with ornaments and scenes that celebrate these magical dates in another way. The Christmas cities they fulfill all this with charm and originality. If you let them be the protagonists of your environmentsDo not hesitate: you will triumph.

Christmas cities
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The Christmas cities are an increasingly rising trend for home decoration. Next to the traditional tree, the assembly of the nativity scene and the rain of ornaments proposed by the shops, these ornamental elements show another Christmas. Scenes from small-scale towns and villages that transport us to snowy landscapes or stories of wonderful stories. It is worth reserving a prominent place. Enjoy them exposed in different ways and in any room.

Christmas cities: another look of Christmas

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Maybe these Christmas cities have already caught our attention at the home of a friend or relative. Are an endearing decorative proposal for adults and children. Or maybe we have been in front of a showcase ecstatic to see a model of a snowy village in motion and with background sound music. Have I succeeded? These models, like mini nativity scenes, they have an unquestionable charm. They invite to remember and live these holidays filling the house of a Christmas with another look.

Actually, these Christmas cities have a very playful concept when they are assembled and displayed indoors. They are beautiful models, composed of pieces that have a lot of toys and that will allow us to create flirty montages. O on the contrary: Scenarios of large dimensions, in the purest style of Christmas Villages that many American homes shine these days.

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Fairy towns or European villas

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This year our decoration may be very different Thanks to these Christmas cities. And of course they are presented as an ideal alternative If we are not a lot of nativity scenes, or the presence of the fir tree has fallen short. Maybe we feel like it add more and more magic to our environments where there is no lack of very personal details, such as DIY garlands to dress them as a party.

These small-scale villas They have a lot of charm for everything they make up. They can be sets of houses but we can also think of other pieces that will make us dreamr. Since Ferris wheels a merry-go-round and ice rinks where to skate Best of all, most are lit with LED lights and come to include musical notes that will sound when lit. If we want to achieve mounts full of life, there are also Christmas cities with figures in movement. Surprising, right?

Source: Leroy Merlin

In addition, through these Christmas cities our decoration will become more traveling and we can always make your own composition, that reminds us of a beloved landscape or a longed and distant place. Any of his proposals full of details will captivate us: exhibit an alpine village with cable car included, or a whole city that will make us think of our favorite European capital.

How and where to show them

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Just closing your eyes is easy to imagine where these Christmas cities will be luxurious inside the house. In the hall, to welcome our guests with their vision. Without doubt the shelves of the living room windows or the bedrooms are also fantastic points for them to look like illuminated prints.

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As well some furniture they are very practical supports where to place them if they are not too big. They will embellish without hardly occupying. On side tables, in dressers and watchers... Or presiding over hearth of the room when we have her.

Source: Leroy Merlin

If there is a room where the Christmas cities must not miss es in the children's bedrooms. In addition to decorating, your space will invade magic and illusion. They will be able to play with them, create invented stories where the figures are the main actors. Maybe Santa Claus, Santa Claus, some kids riding on their sleds or the most talkative snowman in the world. That's why it's important place them within your reach, on low furniture and drawer units, that are at your height. If they are simple and take up little, they will also be very well grouped by couples with the same theme and decorative style.

And in the garden or the terrace

Source: Leroy Merlin

To our garden, the terrace or the entrance if it is a single-family home you can wear a decoration based on Christmas cities. These outdoor spaces also They're ideal to exhibit them without the lack of space usually being a problem. One of the main advantages will be that we can afford design assemblies with a good number of villas. And illuminate them by means of strips of led lights so that they shine during the night with very striking silhouettes.

Like the wooden stairs of those of the whole life transformed into beautiful models in vertical. Its steps are the ideal measure to place houses and other constructions to shape a large city of several staggered levels and full of super decorative details. Trees, snowmen and children on carrousels. Choose the option you choose, the Christmas cities will add surprise and attractiveness to your decoration.

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