Have you had Christmas balls and Christmas decorations left over? Every year we usually buy new ornaments and for that reason we usually have others from previous years. This year you can give them another use: to wrap gifts. We are starting the year and in a few days the Magi will come to all the houses in Spain and also from other countries, and you can take advantage of those balls and ornaments that you have left over to complete a very beautiful gift wrap.

gifts balls

It is an idea of ​​the interior designer Selina Lake, author of Bazaar Style, which never ceases to surprise its readers with new things to do.

Balls, stars, bells, gifts, etc ... Any object that is not too big and that is pretty helps us to decorate the gifts that will be under the tree in one day. The interior will be the same with decorations without decorations, but the illusion of opening it will be better when the presentation is prettier.

Vía: Pop Sugar