You do not have to settle for one of the trees of Christmas that they take so much each year. Although it is true now the tendency is to have a romantic pink tree in the living room, but you can go further, and have a beautiful, original and really spectacular recycled tree! in view of this image you will agree with me, that this is a tree that will make history among your friends and relatives.

It is a Christmas tree really original, which requires clear that yes, a lot of security being that it is made of glass bottles is convenient not to think about it if there are children at home, and always have to put it in a place where it does not represent danger to anyone in case they come to home little children of the family. It should not be left unattended at any time so that it is not a bad experience but an original decoration that everyone likes.

Christmas tree spectacular 2014
Image: Christmas Ideas

In a corner away from everyone, which can be admired from afar, is the best way to have this Christmas tree with glass bottles, that is armed on a glass bases that you can rent and that are usually used to conform the levels of some wedding cakes. So you just have to collect your bottles do you have bottles at home? and they must be green, of course, but just as you paint them or you borrow from friends, it takes time but it's worth it.

So now that you choose the Christmas decoration projects that you will have at home for the holidays, you could choose a different tree and forget the most classic trees that although beautiful do not stop being so everyday. Be original and try a Christmas with a tree that will not fail to surprise your friends and relatives.

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