The lamps and luminaires They are decorative elements so important in decoration, even essential. Not only because the lighting is essential in a home, but because the lamps and luminaries help us regulate the light and thus obtain the desired environment and, of course, because they are a decorative element of great power. So much so that a simple lamp is able to completely modify the appearance and decoration of a whole room.

Finding an original lamp is not an easy task and, usually they are really expensive ...
Today I want to show you a lamp that I thought was ideal. Is the next:

paper lamp

Do not you think it's spectacular?

Well, if you want you can have an equal in your house for just a couple of euros. Yes, you read correctly, only a couple of euros.
Below you can see how to do it:

These are the materials that you will need:

  • A rice paper lamp
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • double-sided adhesive tape

And these steps to follow to make your lamp:

  • The first thing you should do is cut the paper into strips that end in a point. The size of the paper strips depends on the effect you want to achieve.
  • Once you have enough strips of paper cut out you should stick them on the lamp using double-sided tape. Start at one end and end on the other.
  • Once you have completely covered the lamp with the paper strips, you must turn it over and READY!

As a picture is worth a thousand words, below you can see the steps in pictures:

tutorial to create your paper lamp