Surely you've already started thinking about the decoration for Valentine's day, that's why we'll give you some ideas so you can surprise the person you love with all your corazón and what is so special in your life.

At this time of year everything becomes romantic and special, a moment to make gifts and unforgettable entertainments. We will start with giving you the step by step of a simple craft to start with your decoration. We will teach you how to prepare an arrangement with Washi Tape.

Valentine's Day
Source: Anna Mayer

Box with Washi Tape

This type of ribbon is widely used for decorating different environments and objects, in this opportunity and without spending a lot of money you can make a when to decorate your room or a room, a very special object with which you can show all your love.

The first thing you should do is choose an appropriate frame or frame, it can be a new one or one that you already have, the important thing is that it has as a background a paper or cardboard that allows the tone of the tapes to stand out. Opt for different colored ribbons that you like and combine them creatively.

Cut small pieces of tape of the size that we want your hearts to have, to form them you will only have to form two 'V' sections of ribbons. Line one heart next to the other on the cardboard creating a beautiful composition.

This same technique You can place them in other places, as furniture, notebooks, books or somewhere in the house where you want to move the spirit of Valentine.

Your own sweets

Another good alternative to surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day is to create your own sweets. Ideal to accompany a romantic table or to decorate your room. If you are skilled in the kitchen, encourage yourself to prepare flowers with sweets, in these cases the colors that should predominate are pink and red.

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You can prepare heart shaped cookies and accompany them with jams or chocolates. In addition to being tasty you should think that your presentation will also have to impact your lover or in love.

Remember that cupcakes, macaroons, cakes and thousands of other things will be the necessary bases so that you can display all your creativity.