The decoration, many times, requires great ingenuity and originality when it comes to finding solutions for certain spaces or needs ...

The storage space or maintaining the order of the cables are some of the most common dilemmas in the home, the problems that practically all of us face.
Today I am going to show you two practical, simple and economical ideas that can help you solve these problems.

If you need extra storage space in the bathroom, look at this idea:

fruit platter

It is a multi-level fruit bowl that has been searched for a new use. Fruit bowl has become a cute and original complement to the bathroom.
Placed in the shower or bathtub, it becomes the perfect element to keep order all the products of personal hygiene.

In this case, this fruit bowl has been taken out of the kitchen to be placed in the bathroom. However, this same idea is applicable to any other stays. It occurs to me that it can be a perfect element to order the toys of the little ones in a children's room or to keep in order the shoes that we use the most in the dressing room.

If the cables bring you head because it is impossible to keep them in order and is no longer just a matter of aesthetics, but of comfort and functionality, here is an easy, economical and effective solution:


A few simple clips will help you keep your cables separate, without tangles and in order. As you can see in the image you will only need to place the clips on the table and hook a cable to the back of each of them, a clip will be enough for each cable.

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