Water is a source of life and a purifying element, and in addition to that, it also provides an unusual tranquility that no artificial object can obtain for many inventions that are created. bellaqua1About us Harmonic Environments has thought and this fact and taking the idea has created a decorative waterfalls for interior with which, in addition to relax, we will get a unique decoration.


The series is called and contains windows, circular or square, through which the water falls.


Both can be used as a room divider to add more elements to the room, for example to the bathroom: they are also fully customizable by choosing the color, panel material, including logos or drawings, etc ...bellaqua4

Further information: Harmonic Environments

Vía: Modayhogar.com


  1. Good afternoon,
    I would like to know where I can contact them, because I am interested in acquiring a decorative stroke for my house.
    I remain awaiting your response.

    • Hello Ingrid,

      I'm sorry, we do not market products, we only give information for decoration.

      a greeting

  2. where I can contact them, I'm interested in a waterfall for the interior of my home.

  3. Hi, I'm from the state of Mexico and I'm interested in a decorative waterfall as I can contact you and where

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