Do you know what salt chlorination is? It is a very interesting pool cleaning system. An alternative to traditional chlorine that every time has more followers. And it is not uncommon as there are many advantages to this way of cleaning and maintaining the pool. We tell you what it is and why it is an idea to take into account to enjoy even more the pool of your terrace or garden.

 saline chlorination
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A few years ago, the only system that could be found to clean and maintain the water in a pool was chlorine. Currently, things have changed. Now there is other options that are healthier and less chemical. Like salt chlorination, a form of keep the pool that is becoming more widespread.

And the advantages of salt chlorination are indisputable. Further, Moving from a chlorine-based cleaning system to a salt-based cleaning system is as simple as possible. It requires practically neither works nor great modifications.

Advantages of salt chlorination

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If there are more and more pool owners who choose salt chlorination to keep them clean, this is because of the many advantages that this system has. to get started the water will be healthier. This is one of the most important reasons to choose salt over chlorine. This prevents the itching and irritation that chlorine, much more chemical, could cause.

In addition, we will avoid the smell of chlorine, quite unpleasant by the way. And also our hair will suffer less, since it will not discolor or become so rough. And swimsuits will not spoil so much.

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On the other hand, if you decide for salt you will end up with an annoying problem. It can affect you if you bathe habitually in a pool treated with chlorine. It is the redness of the eyes. In salt pools they do not get irritated.

More points in his favor

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And when you try it right away you realize the difference. The bathroom is much more pleasant in a pool treated with salt that in one in which cleaning and maintenance are made with chemical chlorine.

But there are more advantages. The disinfection of the pools treated with salt is constant, since the chlorination peaks are avoided. In addition, it is about an easy product to manipulate, since they are not chemicals that have to be controlled. In fact, it is a very ecological product, since there are no chemical residues that can be harmful to the environment.

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Another advantage over chlorine is that this system is quite economical, since salt is cheap and maintenance products are not needed. Also, if you choose salt chlorination as a method to clean the water in your pool and keep it in perfect condition, It will be perfect for years. You will not need to change it. And this is because salt has a much longer shelf life than any chemical.

The operation of salt chlorination

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In addition to the advantages we have listed above, there is a reason why salt chlorination systems are the order of the day. And is that It is a simple method It will save you more than one headache.

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It uses electrolysis to clean water, that is, the decomposition of a substance into different compounds thanks to an electric current. Electrolysis converts common salt (sodium chloride) in a powerful and effective disinfectant (sodium hypochlorite). Get eliminate polluting substances that may be present in the water. The result is a clean pool, with crystal clear waters, and no bacteria or algae.

Skip to salt and save

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Changing from a chlorine-based cleaning system to a salt system is very simple. That's why there are many people who decide. Just have to install the chlorinator to the treatment plant and add the salt. You have to put 4 or 5 kg of pure salt for each 1.000 liters of water.

As for the pH regulation that needs to be done, you can install an automatic regulator. This way it will always remain in perfect condition, between 7,2 and 7,6.

On the other hand, treating the water in the pool with salt is a savings in electricity consumption, since a salt chlorinator does not consume more energy than a light bulb can spend, which is another advantage that is added to the fact of not having to buy chemical products.

Therefore, although at the beginning we have to invest some money to install our saline system, in the long run we will be saving money.

If you take into account all these factors (especially the one related to the improvement of water quality for our health) it is easy to decide to change the cleaning system. Bet on salt It seems the best option, do not you think?