Floors: Know different options for your interior decoration

One of the members in the decoration of a house, as it was seen in the topic previously treated to decorate a rustic house or an environment are the floors, getting in the market a wide variety of floors in the decoration, for this there are the ceramic, porcelain tiles, tiles, synthetics, etc. all with a palette of colors and textures.

At the time of deciding on the ideal floor for that environment it is a whole issue, generating a problem at the moment of the election, because all are or in their majority attractive.

You must have prior knowledge for which environment is needed, what characteristics they have, what relationship they will have with the other elements of the decoration, the architectural design.

When choosing, several questions should be asked: place where it will be placed, its transit, maintenance, durability, exposure to humidity, sun, water, etc.

Here are some types of floors:

Wooden floors: like the parquet, the entablonado and the entarugado.

Carpets: of different materials, types and materials.

Ceramics, porcelain: used also for floors.

Smoothed cement, microcement smoothing, stone, painted floors, venecitas, floating, brick floor, rubber.