Today I went from work to the metro station jumping between the water wells that accumulate in each small depression. It has been almost three years since I faced the situation in these rainy seasons and every time I have to navigate the streets again I realize that I have perfected the technique. One of the things I try to never forget is to learn from experience; I mean learning from the processes, from the good results, from the other people and from the mistakes themselves, even if it is the least we like.

Arthur Liberty, born in London and founder of the Liberty & Co store, developed a characteristic style in the designs produced by his manure-maker. The Liberty style was the name that took the Modern style in Italy and was named after the arrival of the store to the country. A strong reference to the Far East about the use of materials, representations of nature and the organic design.

This LIBERTY WOODEN DESK desk is made of hard dark wood, with rounded finishes and molded leather surface. The lamp, without which the table loses much beauty, is made of silver leaf and its screen in Kaya. More information on the Website