Today in the morning I had a work meeting at nine o'clock so I woke up missing a room and attention: I was not late. This time I did not have to worry about clothes, makeup, or even the condition of my hair. Fortunately, I love to brush my teeth, otherwise I would not have had to. The conference happened at the same time in different European cities and I just had to be online. Nobody noticed that I was still dressed in my pajamas, because I covered myself with a fur coat, not that I did not wear shoes but flip flops.

Communications have definitely advanced hand in hand with technology and, although it is said that the new generations are the most affected, I feel immersed and I understand most of the new processes, of the new scenarios. I control it perfectly. The meeting was a success, we reached an agreement and now that I'm free I can go back to bed and sleep until one o'clock, I have to meet with my boss again.

For online conversations I have an accessory that makes me look very chic. The telephone of the HULGER house, with base and handset, looks like one of the fifties but works with a USB port connection, for the computer or to use it as hands-free in the subway. There are them in pink, white and black. It works with Skype, iChat, GoogleTalk, Vonage and Yahoo. More information on the website