Japanese style interior decoration (Part II)

Yesterday we told you some of the most outstanding characteristics of the Japanese interior decoration. As it is a very broad topic that has many edges, today we want to continue sharing with you more details of this oriental decorative style.

Among the attributes of the Japanese decoration, the asymmetry has an important role. Symmetry represents stagnation for them, unlike the asymmetry that is closely related to creativity.

Therefore, we recommend that you decorate your home or the chosen room asymmetrically. So try not to have a large number of objects in the room. In addition, try to decorate with Japanese decorative accessories and that the home only has the necessary furniture.

None Japanese style interior decoration may be considered as such without a Ikebana, a traditional flower arrangement in Japan. This small arrangement provides the sensation of environmental balance. The number of flowers or bouquets used must always be odd.

Japanese doors can also complete the House Decoration. You can use them to separate rooms or cupboards.

In summary, we conclude that to achieve a Japanese interior decoration, we must use the minimum of decorative objects possible. In this case, more than ever, quality matters more than quantity. A Japanese decoration adequate should provide a unique environment connected with nature.