The wooden floor of your house is always bright and clean, the tiles in the kitchen, the bathrooms and the terrace are examples of maintenance and cleaning, there is no dust on the rugs, but if there is no It will be tomorrow. The whole family appreciates your dedication and perseverance, but will they know the effort of achieving the perfection of cleanliness? Surely not, and do not imagine that the work is done using old tools and on which technology has not taken a look.


Everything you need to keep the floors of your house clean and bright is included in the CASABELLA ECLIPSE cleaning system. This space-saving set combines a lightweight aluminum handle with three interchangeable accessories; to shine dry, clean wet and sweep. They are also easily placed and cleaned. The first accessory is an angular broom, which reaches all corners, the second a floor polisher made of microfiber, which gives shine to wooden floors, and the third a mop for cleaning at depth. They come accompanied by the scrubber of the mop, of two and a half gallons capacity, which efficiently removes dirty water with minimal effort.

Both the polisher and the mop can be machine washed and used without limit. And most importantly, the cleaning set is made of recyclable materials, which is why the products have that distinctive green color that characterizes them. They are beautiful, very useful, they do not take up space and you can find them at