None of us find it strange, since we got married the first time, that at Christmas (we can not bear it on our birthday) a high percentage of the gifts that we receive are nothing more than gifts for MY / HOME or for our floor. It is possible that we are the ones who most enjoy Chinese dishes but that does not stop being a family asset and not to mention how little we really want that express pot that last year our mother-in-law gave us "with so much love". We could say that they give us implements that improve our performance as housewives, but I would prefer a tie, an agenda or a pen, which is what we give to men when we want to improve their professional performance. In addition to being a housewife, I am a professional, so I expect luxury heels or a leather wallet that matches my shoes.

This is not a confession of a woman suffocated by the tasks of being a mother, wife and executive - without much success - far from it. Do not misunderstand what I say, or rather what I ask. But I declare that if this year I could choose a gift for my / home I would not hesitate to say that I want a bar. Because, first, it would be a much more gift to me given the tender affection I feel for the gintonic -which increases at the end of the year-, and second, because I find it so highly elegant to have an accessory destined to keep the reserve of alcohols -which Every couple with children should have - even in that sense, I would be the one who would most enjoy it. I'm sure my husband would also like it especially if he has room for his short whiskey glasses.

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The most beautiful, which would really make me happy for at least a month, is the TRANNY FRIDGE, designed by GRO DESIGN for SAMSUNG. One of its main qualities, besides the beauty of its retro style and its wide capacity, is that it can be positioned vertically and horizontally, depending on the needs we have. More information on the website