If you are a fan of elegant and sophisticated decoration, surely you like today's post. We will go through all the spaces of a house in Los Angeles that shows off the keys of the modern mid-century. Get ready to enjoy the resounding beauty of every corner.

Modern mid-century keysI love good decoration magazines, whether printed on paper or online. And one of the reasons is that they give us the opportunity to Discover wonderful interiors. Like those of this Californian house where you can find all the keys of the modern mid-century.

Sometimes they are houses that I love, because their decorative style goes with me, with my preferences. Other times it's not like that, but I still like to watch them carefully. Repairing its details, making a virtual tour with sight and imagination. Today decoration lovers will enjoy the way I do, walking through this house in which each room is special.

A house that gathers the keys of the modern mid-century

Located in the Hollywood Hills, in a wonderful environment and enjoying views of impression, the house that we are going to discover today is all A luxe for the senses.

It was built in the year 1949 and its design exhibits the pure, clean and modern lines that defined the mid-century architecture. Before the reform that restored its splendor, and although it retained the natural essence that characterized it, the house was in a chaotic and very confusing state.

Recover lost character

The designer responsible for making the house to show its own style, elegance and wonderful appearance was the designer Caitlin Murray, from the studio Black Lacquer Design.

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To achieve this he worked in total connection with the owner of the house. They started with define the spaces, to make the necessary modifications. So it was about leave the plant open, removed some partitions according to the needs of the inhabitants.

Large sliding doors, like windows, connect the interior of the house with the outside area and the pool.

Color, an infallible resource

The choice of colors It was another of the tools that the designer used to give character and personality to all spaces in the house. To select the tones and apply them in the interiors, he had the guidance of the owner himself.

And is that color can be one of the best resources to decorate a space. The secret is to choose a color palette that you like, that you find pleasant and with which you can feel comfortable. Then you have to know how to apply it with so that the result is not excessive or too warm. That is precisely where we can help (and very much) have the help of a professional.

The house welcomes wonder the cold tones, like green or blue in its different ranges and intensities. Perhaps because they are reminiscent of the natural tones of California landscapes.

For love at art

Another aspect that has attracted my attention when wandering around this house has been the works of art that are guessed in the images. Large format photographs and imposing paintings decorate the walls. And is that the owner, in addition to betting on the keys of the mid-century modern, is a lover of art and has, nothing less, than an original Dalí.

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The works of art attract all eyes. However, it has been known give it fair relevance. So they stand out, as is logical and normal, but without overshadowing the rest of the furniture and elements, which also have their own beauty.

The result is elegant environments and, at the same time, easy to live, Overflowing with personality, with a lot to say about the people who live there. A house that will not leave anyone indifferent.

A plus of originality

In addition to using surprising materials, and combining them in an equally incredible way, they were chosen very special pieces of furniture. Like the vintage bronze coffee table that can be seen in the living room, in front of the large blue velvet sofa.

The mid-century modern lamps, most of them with gold finish, they also have their role in the decoration of the house. The standing room stands out, a model with an arch shape. Or the hanging of the kitchen, with golden screen, that harmonize with the industrial tap also gold and the handles of the cabinets. Or the ceiling lamp in the dining room, which pretends to be a sun or a star radiating its luminous rays ...

The brightness and glamor

The elegance and cosmopolitanism of the decoration of this wonderful house is reflected in a very special way in the details. Y the brightness of the golden It is one of the keys of the modern mid-century. A detail that gives this decorative style that glamor so special.

It is not present only in the lamps, it can also be seen in other spaces: in the kitchen (high stools, taps, handles, etc.), in the living room (in the shelves on both sides of the fireplace, where the metal is combined with the glass), in the bathroom (the handle of the shower door is golden), etc.

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For each and every one of these details the interior design of this house is a luxury. Enjoy it!

Photos: Black Lacquer Design.