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Ethnic decoration is always an alternative contextualized in the elegance and the care of the forms, regardless of the decorative process that leads to transform it into a faithful representative of the context we intend to capture.

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Among them we find the typically Asian Japanese decoration where the low furniture and the predisposition to the harmony seem to reign in the space, for that reason we will develop some techniques and ways to achieve implementing this type of decorations in an elegant way and completely effective.

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Although it is usually call oriental decoration to a broad spectrum the Japanese decoration marks several distances with the decoration typically called china which has several followers, in the first place the Japanese decoration is more careful in the tonalities and it does not have highly decorated furniture pieces, as if it happens with the Chinese decoration where it is classic to find highly decorated modular elements implemented in varied shades but usually ocher and reddish with golden details, in turn iconography is more common in Japanese decoration who implements it in a wide range of pieces.

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In any case, the sumptuousness is not absent, although more careful and of a more measured character, since the balance is considered fundamental in Japanese culture, therefore a straight piece of furniture without elaborate forms finds the sumptuousness in the handles and openings of its drawers which are they forge in bronze and deliver a remarkable appearance.

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Agura by Hisae Igarashi it is a clear representation of these concepts, we refer to a comfortable sofa of minimalist style very careful which is focused on lovers of elegant and careful decoration, its style highlights the value of wood and the fine fibers that are developed in the news

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Japanese decoration

The Zaisu chairs are an alternative for lovers of Japanese decoration who want to maintain some traditional or western aspect, it is about maintaining the aesthetic and functional context proposed by the classic tea table, although in this case with backups.