Creating an ideal place where we want to work, a space that stimulates our innovation, creativity and, of course, teamwork for a future company specialized in Digital Marketing.

General view of the office
General view of the office

Sanahuja & Partners, architecture from the mediterranean, has taken on the challenge and created a space that fuses creativity, efficiency and teamwork, fulfilling the requirements that the company focused on the online world and marketing.

Network design A hexagonal configuration designed for creativity and efficiency at work

With a creative sensibility, drinking from the industrial style as a source of inspiration, and making the design materials part of the initial space, the architecture studio Sanahuja & Partners signs a project conceived to welcome and promote pure creativity, in which everything is also designed for maximum efficiency. Efficiency should be key in all new architecture projects.

The project is based on a single space, physically open, complemented by two terraces on high that distribute the building in different heights. The areas that require more privacy, have been separated with transparent glass screens, following the philosophy of the consultant based on transparency and a horizontal flow chart.

separation of office space
separation of office space

Ceilings that rise towards the infinite, high beams and exposed bricks bathed by the exterior light and the purity of white, are the wrapper that embraces the day to day of work. His heart is made up of a grid of hexagons in the corporate orange color, both on the floor and in lamps, becoming a symbol of efficiency and teamwork. In the same way, the work tables are arranged like a hexagonal gear that draws fluid and sinuous shapes, and thanks to which the communication and the collaborative work of the team is fostered.

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A sustainable and ecological office

Just as interior design articulates work efficiency, technology is the means by which to achieve energy efficiency. The objective was to create a sustainable space. Magnovent, company specialized in industrial ventilation and energy efficiency, has been in charge of the air conditioning project.

Accuracy, efficiency, smoothness and infinite sustainability are the four engineering principles that govern their solutions. In particular, offices have two of them:

1. AirVolution fans.

AirVolution fans
AirVolution fans

Manufactured with HVLS technology, they are a sustainable and efficient industrial ventilation system, which allows users to increase their comfort while reducing energy consumption.

2. Radiant heating: high intensity radiators GoGas

Radiant heating has been installed through GoGas high intensity radiators, a technology that uses infrared heat and gas as an economic source of energy, generating and distributing the optimum amount of heat, and assuming a saving in energy, economic and environmental costs .

In addition, possible heat losses are minimized with AirVolution fans, which clean the air and distribute the heat, preventing it from concentrating on the upper part of the building.

Premium & Low Cost Materials

High quality materials for demanding spaces, such as the mosaic coatings of L'Antic Colonial, and Noken's bathroom equipment, both of which are known by Porcelanosa, such as the toilet and shower area, provide the distinctive touch in an intimate space , which in this case is characterized by black color and dim lighting. In addition, the meeting rooms have Solid Surface tables of high mineral composition developed by KRION®, with a soft touch and high resistance for infinitely productive meetings.

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a large office space to work
a large office space to work

But in turn, all the facilities have been conceived under the premise of the reuse and the incorporation of low cost materials, based on a high dose of creativity: hexagonal shaped lamps covered by a metal net as an emblem of efficiency, open spaces without hierarchies, and canutillo curtains to separate spaces, as a return to our past of the most Mediterranean.

Game room and outdoor terrace

There are many companies that use the game as a catalyst of creativity and here one of the premises was to have a complete playroom. Thus, a games room with sofas, poufs, television, videogames, punching bag and foosball has been installed on the ground floor.

In the same way, the studio has given a re-styling to the interior patio with which the place counted, thus creating a place open to the sun and enhancing moments of relaxation.

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