Orona elevation

In decoration every detail counts, if we also use elements that make life more comfortable as lifts, the decoration takes a very interesting double functionality that makes any building a pleasant and comfortable space for people.

In any sector related to decoration, construction or any sector such as the elevation of the current economic context make the dimension and geographical diversification in order to contribute solidity and reduce vulnerability. So in the world of elevation, a sector closely linked to decoration a brand as ORONA with a mainly Europeanist vocation, it has taken an important step forward in the 2010, installing itself in just 6 months in three new countries as Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

En Ireland ORONA acquired the company Midwestern with a staff of professional 110. In Netherlands ORONA bought the company All-In-Liften and in Belgium the company Coopman designer and manufacturer of elevators that has a staff of 220 professionals; all of them small steps to consolidate in the European market and to be able to continue at the forefront of design and technology in elevation.

So ORONA is already present in seven European countries with comprehensive business and also exports through distributors to others 92 countries worldwide.

Orona Elevators

ORONA is dedicated to the design, manufacture, marketing, installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators, escalators, ramps and corridors, for all segments and in terms of integral service. ORONA is present in more than 92 countries and is the first company in the lifting sector worldwide certified in ecodesign (according to UNE 150301 standard: 2003).

News such as this strengthens and gives robustness to the future of elevator design, a key element in modern buildings that provide them with comfort and design.