Nor, it's not that I want to encourage you plant socks or something similar. Let's talk a little while of pots; yes exact, those typical brown.brown. I wonder if you do not begin to be artos of this type of pots and planters ... I do.

To satisfy the need to change the pots, without using the purse, there is a very simple technique. How many pairs of socks do we have at home? Yes, socks! And no, I have not gone crazy. It turns out that there is a "new" trend and this is to put socks on the pots ... take a look at these photos.

It is enough to have the same colors for each and every one of our adorable plants, now with this technique we can "dress" our flowers with some charm and a lot of color.
The procedure is very simple. Select some socks that we don't wear for any reason ... if the reason is for one or several «tomatillos»We can also sew them ... or, for those who prefer, go down to«chinillo»And buy some pairs.
Once we select the ones that we like, we proceed to "dress" our pots. We must take into account the dimensions of these and the socks since not all will be worth them.
If we want we can also take into account the season of the year in which we are, that is, now in summer we can use thin socks and bright colors. In winter we can choose somewhat thicker socks ... this is a matter of taste.
Once dressed, each with their respective outfits, we can locate them where we like most. In the kitchen, in the living room, on the coffee table ... the result is elegant and above all very cheerful. This is a nice and nice decoration for the pots; thus we will fill the house with bright colors and completely different. If you are looking for something differentor, maybe this could be useful for you.