Having arrived in the city that I love so much and after having spent a horrible moment in the airport, which has surely left me with a psychological trauma, I feel relaxed and optimistic. The meeting was a success, as was my designer suit, the great shoes that my sister lent me, along with the matching purse and belt. The truth is that the meeting was done in Spanish because according to the number of attendees that was the predominant language.

At night, after the business was done and the collaboration agreements of the studios were signed, it was time to go for drinks and that was my favorite part. Apparently the sensation was the Spanish speakers and for that reason they invited us all night to drink mojitos, caipirinhas, tequilas and orujos; all traditional drinks from our countries of origin. I, who am more friends with good whiskey, ended the night without knowing where I was from. Today I wake up with a bigger head than usual and with the feeling of having triumphed thanks to Spanish, which dominates me.

Not only because of that I felt proud, also because in the conversation the good work of the Spanish designer Jaime Hayón came to light, who has managed to make the eyes of the world fall on their new proposals. One of his pieces from the BD SHOWTIME COLLECTION was one of the most acclaimed. The SHOWTIME armchair, inspired by the classic MGM music films, is also beautiful and very comfortable. More information on the Website www.hayonstudio.com