If you have leather sofas or sofas, you must learn to take care of them. If you procure a basic maintenance, the furniture will last a long time in our lives. Like all material, the skin needs some care ... but, in return, it gives us an excellent piece of furniture that will last for many years.

leather sofa

If you have leather sofas, we should clean them and pamper them, so that it does not deteriorate with the passage of time. The skin must be hydrated from time to time, so that it does not crack. If you want to know what the basic care of a leather sofa is, read on.


Every two weeks we will clean leather and leather sofas and armchairs. It is important do not use anything aggressive, that can damage or scratch them. For this reason you never rub the leather. Happen a cloth moistened in water, it will be enough to remove the dust layer. You can also do this every two days, depending on the dust that enters your home or if you have pets.

In addition to this, twice a year (every 6 months) we will do a deeper cleaning of the skin or leather. To do this, in the market you can find many products that are not aggressive and go very well. But one trick is to use body gel, simply with this we will do a great cleaning. The gel will help in cleaning, then pass a cloth moistened in water (never with excess) and remove the soap residue.

After this operation, we hydrated the sofa. To do so use body cream, one that is not strong. With this we will pamper the piece of leather, hydrate it and it will not open with the passage of time. These would be the basic care so that the sofa remains as the first day or better yet.

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On the other hand we have multiple spots, which usually fall over time and with the use of furniture. These spots will be eliminated in the act, unless we find them dry. In the market we will also find great products to eliminate this stains on the leather.

I can only warn of removing the spots at the moment they have fallen. Never extend them on the surface, always try to put an absorbing paper that you have. Although I do not want to extend much more, I tell you that with a little alcohol and passing a cotton, you can eliminate some spots. There are also other products such as beer or orange peels that can help eliminate some stains.

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