Good morning friends, in the previous article I was talking about some tips to clean the aquarium of our home.

I know that many of you will like to decorate the spaces, with great aquariums .. but some maintenance is necessary so that it is clean.

So today I leave some more tips, about how to keep the aquarium clean where your fish swim and grow .. while everything forms a beautiful and decorative set in your home.


Something important to keep in mind is, do not overfeed the fish and remove the remains that remain. To keep the aquarium clean, nothing better than dirtying it as little as possible.

Always try to eliminate visible dirt. Do this on a daily basis, with the sacdera remains of plants, roots, pieces of logs, floating debris, ... any visible element of dirt that we can eliminate without altering too much the tranquility of the fish.

Always try to check the temperature and the ph. It is important to keep these parameters constant.

For a little more weekly maintenance, you can always change part of the water. Weekly we will change approximately 15 / 20% of the aquarium water for clean water.

This water should be treated, as it should not have traces of chlorine, chloramides, or any other chemical element harmful to fish.

Clean the crystals. This can be done easily with the magnets with sponges that they sell for that purpose, with which we will avoid having to introduce the hands. On the outside it would be enough to hit him with a cloth and water.

It's a great idea to check the filter. Weekly we will check the operation of the filter in case it is necessary to clean some of its components.

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Extract the most visible dirt. When extracting that 20% of water that we must change, we can use a siphon to remove at the same time the most visible dirt that we see in the water (excrement, food remains, algae, ...).

photo: aquariumfishworld