Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with some great ideas to clean the Aquarius.

Remember that if you have fish, you will want them to live in a clean and healthy environment for them ... in this way they will develop in perfect conditions.

On many occasions I have told you about how to introduce aquariums in our decor. Particularly, I love them!

But we always have to be careful, because as soon as we realize it ... the aquarium is dirty again.

In addition to a deep cleaning, the aquarium must be maintained .. that is, requires some daily maintenance so that it does not get so dirty.

If we take this to raja tabla, we can enjoy a fairly clean aquarium. Yes, today I leave some basic notions, to clean our aquariums.

It is important that we do not empty the aquarium completely, as we would alter the characteristics of the water too much and the fish could die easily. As we will see, emptying the aquarium completely is not necessary to keep the water clean.

Try not to use chemical products for cleaning, neither in interior elements, nor in the exterior of the aquarium. Only water will be used.

We will clean the filters with the same water from the aquarium. Never with tap water or cleaning products.

Try to avoid, as you can introduce many, hands in the aquarium. Before doing so, we have to make sure that we do not have any remains of chemical products of any kind: soap, detergent, ...

It is also important not to spend cleaning, since excess cleaning can be as harmful to fish as excess dirt.

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As you can see, it is not so complicated to do, we just have to take certain things into account. Of course, in the next article I will continue to tell you a little more about how to maintain the aquarium on a daily basis.

photo: joemacho