Tips for decorating the living room

It is important to grant an atmosphere of tranquility through the use of bright colors that manage to create the optical illusion of a wide and illuminated place. This will make the place much more pleasant to pass the time.

Among the bright colors that are recommended to use is the apple and tangerine, which go very well with the sun's rays and with the artificial light of the house.

On the other hand, the furniture is very useful to determine the functional areas of the home, in particular, of the living room. The same can be done with carpets and lamps. In addition, the chairs should be distributed so that all look at a central point, such as the fireplace, television or window.

Finally you can add functional pieces such as tables with drawers and shelves, ideal for storing magazines, receipts, etc. The accessories we add should be few and dyed neutral colors. In turn they can be accompanied by colorful rugs or towels that act as decorative elements but at the same time artistic for the living room.