Every day we find it more difficult to do those things that once were easy, such as investing in a home renovation, buying accessories to give a new look to the room, change the image that bores us of the bedroom or maybe stoke a little the appearance of the bathroon. It is not our fault but the economy. But if we insist, we can take some Tips to decorate with economy.

We are going to go step by step and as easy as possible, so we can renew those environments without our broken budget being even more restricted. When we want to renew or give a different touch to a space, it is not necessary to make a great renovation, with little you can much and like when you see that you take advantage of a great style and that overloading is not exactly the most attractive, in decoration, less is also more, you can still economically decorate the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

In this first installment, we will take care of the plants. Plants are an aggregate that we do not take as much advantage, but that can decorate an environment and give it a new look, while we spend less and we invest little time in its maintenance. If it is about the room, choosing beautiful plants in flirtatious pots and of which they tend to give many leaves will turn a formal atmosphere into a charming relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Choose green leaf plants, and if you like reserve flowers for the garden, they are difficult to maintain in enclosed spaces such as the living room.

How we want is decorate with economy choose plants that are resistant, that have many leaves and abound and will do a great favor to the appearance of the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen, the best ones to choose, the cactuses because they need little water and converted into terrariums they look fabulous . For durable, the aspidistria, the espatifilo that gives some flowers and is very resistant, the dracena grows abundantly upwards and it looks beautiful do not water it too much, the potos to place on top they look beautiful. ¿Ideas? take advantage of the ones we leave you.