To teach children to save energy and resources it is not necessary to give them a two-hour talk in which they get bored and do not understand anything at all. It is best to teach them with practical examples and through resources that are easier to understand.

uncle light switch

That's why the designer Tim Holley has created this object called Tio Light Swicht thinking especially about children. It is a kind of doll that is mounted on the light switch to control the time it has been on. The system is very simple: when the light has been on for an hour, the doll will light up in green; when it takes four hours it becomes yellow, and after eight hours it becomes intense red. It's time to turn it off because it takes too long.

As you may have appreciated, the color system is known to all: the same as the traffic lights, with green, yellow and red. Although the kids still do not have a driver's license, they all know that the green color indicates something that is good and the red one indicates something that is wrong. That, together with the nuances in the faces of the dolls give us clues about what they want to tell us.

The pity is that for now it's just a design, a prototype that is not yet on the market.

Vía: Coolest Gadgets