Are you a lover of the Nordic style? And the attics? Well, very attentive to the visit we are going to make today, because we are entering a renovated Nordic style penthouse with a result of the most welcoming, simple and comfortable. Discover with us this clear example of subtlety, luminosity and good taste!

The home of today's visit is the result of a great reform carried out in the 2012 year in an 1886 building and in Majorna, a neighborhood located in the west of the Swedish city of Göteborg. They present to us a Nordic-style penthouse and 78m2, where light and simplicity are the clear protagonists.

Nordic style penthouse - kitchen living room view

We begin the visit by the day zone and observing that all the rooms are included in the same room they share. Even so, all the zones are clearly differentiated both by the decoration and by the clearly marked space between them.

Black and white reign in the kitchen

Welcome to the kitchen of this penthouse Nordic style he gives us a multifunction countertop that looks like a bar view and usable from the dining area. Enjoy great breakfasts, gatherings or snacks while promoting communication and fluency among the members of the house, it is made much easier due to the practical flight that has been projected when carrying out the placement of the countertop.

Nordic style penthouse - kitchen entrance

We go into it and here if we see how the interior face of the bar area is totally destined for storage at the same time that the upper area of ​​greater depth of the countertop is used as a support surface for utensils and ingredients of greater use and influence when working in the room.

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Nordic style penthouse kitchen exit view 1200x899

On the front, a storage module with marked straight lines that takes advantage of the ideal wall dimension so as not to interfere with the entrance of natural light into the kitchen. See how the bright finish of the furniture fosters the sensation of spaciousness and luminosity for the reflection that projects in the room.

Nordic style penthouse kitchen cooking area 1200x899

Luminosity and natural materials

The dining area is a privileged one. Because it enjoys the entrance of natural light from two opposite directions, it has a brightness and visual interest out of the ordinary. At the same time, the pine wood floor next to the natural fiber carpet placed under the table, provide the dining area of ​​this Nordic-style penthouse with unparalleled comfort and warmth.

Nordic style penthouse dining area 1200x899If we add the fireplace to everything said, you can not get a better set in terms of warmth and comfort. To highlight a detail, I would tell you about the constructive solution that has been used to protect the wood from the soil in the vicinity of the chimney. Coupling a metallic material that resists high temperatures and fits the perimeter of the chimney is an excellent option to avoid future and more than possible deterioration of the soil.

Nordic style penthouse with fireplace view 1113x1485

Fluffy textiles and ambient light

The show draws attention by the use of many textile elements that have been incorporated into it. The wool rug and the blanket of the sofa in neutral and earthy colors along with the variety of cushions in soft tones promote well-being and comfort in this stay (I leave here a useful link to a few tips to take care of home textiles). Providing different points of environmental light in this area is another point in favor in terms of the welfare of the members of the house at the time of using it.

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Nordic style penthouse living room 1200x899

The plants, the touch of color

Along the walk through the house, we see how the different touches of color have been incorporated through the use of plants. As you know, Nordic style characteristics and mergers of light colors, simplicity in the forms, the use of strictly necessary furniture and the incorporation of natural elements both in textiles and through the use of plants are typical.

Nordic style penthouse living room area 1200x899

White and space amplitude

We went to the bathroom. The sense of spaciousness is clearly benefited by the use of white. In the same way, incorporating a glass screen encourages the feeling of open space. As for the furniture used, choose to place a compact and suspended version helps to release the floor and enhance the feeling of continuity in the room. We also see that recessed luminaires have been used. Due to the lack of height in the room, it is the best option. Using lamps that hang would make us perceive that the ceiling is even lower than what is actually presented. If you are interested in continuing to know more about the keys to decorate small bathrooms.

Nordic style penthouse bathroom 1200x899

Simplicity and detail in exposed brick

The color white, light and incorporation of what is strictly necessary convert the bedroom into a calm zone, neutrality and recollection of the relaxation that is required in the stay.

Nordic style penthouse bedroom 1200x899

Nordic style penthouse bedroom seen from inside 1200x899

Clarity and pastel colors

La Children's room of this Nordic-style penthouse is played by games, light and pastel colors. As you can see, keeping the original brick wall seen from the construction period of the building gives the house a surprising character and personality.

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Attic Nordic style children's room 1200x899

In the hall, the most accurate

We bid farewell to the visit by leaving the hall. A hanger with upper shelf and a trunk as a support point and storage area are responsible for shaping. Two elements that together with the hallway carpet that invites to enter the house, give rise to a more than successful combination.

Nordic style penthouse hall 1200x899
Source: Stadshem

What did you think of the visit? I hope that having entered this house has increased your interest in this decorative style. I do not know about you, but about me in this Nordic-style penthouse, I do not want to go out!