I do not know if it will be very practical, but at least I found it curious and quite original. If I show you this picture, what do you think? It's a sink, yes of course, that's obvious. But you do not find anything strange ?.

Exact. It has no drain. How do we get the water then? Very simple, tipped back the container, and water will fall through the slot that we see in the furniture.

Your designer, Maja ganszyniec, has had a really innovative idea but, from my point of view, also quite uncomfortable and impractical. It would be quite heavy for me to have to move the sink every time I go to the bathroom. Although ... now that I think about it is also a way to save water because we can not leave the tap open and let the water run while it goes down the drain.

Believe me this idea is beginning to convince me.

More information: Majagan

Vía: Yanko Design