How annoying it can be to wake up in the morning and feel that the bed has moved one meter from the place where we had it the night before. Not only that, it is even worse when we realize that what has moved is the mattress, which balances so as not to fall, and that the base of the bed remains where it always was. It is essential to use a support for the mattress, because it provides a secure connection between this and the wooden bed and its platform, prevents it from moving when we move on it or when we are adjusting it.


To solve this problem Estudio MOM, located in Belgium, has designed the best of the supports that until now can be found in the market. The AVS SUPPORT is flexible - it does not give rigidity to the bed -, it has an open structure that allows air circulation and has enough surface - which ensures excellent fixation. This support for mattresses, which is one of the most innovative elements of the MOM Study AVS collection, has been created by the designers Mars Holwerda and Alfred van Elk and it is possible to acquire it on the website