A bis Z is a furniture designed with the letters of the alphabet, but do not think that we are repeating any post because we are not doing it, these are not about the AbcChairs that in his day we saw Roeland Otten. This time it is a furniture designed by the Dutch Sascha Grewe for your signiture: Art can break you heart.

Although it may seem, it is not pieces for children but for adults, to decorate in the living room or in any other room. It consists of several modules with the shapes of the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z, which can be stools, side tables or shelves, multifunctional furniture of which we like so much.

We can play with them using them to decorate forming words around a table or it occurs to me that joining several of them can also form a curious table with a message. They also have the advantage that the back is open with which we can use it to store books, magazine, objects ... or anything we want to have on hand.

You will be thinking of using it also for the children's room because they are so adorable that they would love it as pieces to play, but Grewe has thought of everything and created a slightly smaller version for them.

Different colors, each letters are available in 147, so imagine how many combinations there may be. Now you only have to choose the ones that you like the most, although we do not know if they are already in production or they are just a prototype because the official web of the designer still does not work at all well.

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Further information: Artcanbreakyourheart

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