Practical, beautiful and fully functional, this clock characterized by the use of buttons in its realization, it is ideal for decor from any corner of our home. If you want to learn how to do it, pick up paper and pencil and read on.

Its cheerful design and bright colors will give our stay that touch of originality what we were looking for The materials that were used for its realization are some colored buttons ... 12 to be exact. Then a clock machine was incorporated, with needles included. For the web we will look for the one we like the most and get the attention. In this case, we have opted for a smooth fabric, light and elegant colors, highlighting the vivid tonalities of the buttons.

The realization of the clock is not very complicated. In the frame we have assembled the fabric and cut the excess. Then the respective buttons have been sewn, which will simulate the typical numbers and finally we have assembled the clock machine and ready ... directly to locate it in any of our rooms.

It's pretty simple integrate This type of wall clocks. The versatility of this activity, it allows us to select funny fabrics and the patterns that we like the most. We can modify the craft as we wish This is just a suggestion that I hope will work for you.

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