Normally the children's rooms are usually painted in identifying colors such as pink or blue, even green, with children's borders, drawings, etc ... .. the result is beautiful and sweet, creating a corner where the kids feel comfortable. However, when they grow up we are forced to change the decoration because most of the girls no longer want the rose in their room, much less the drawings on the walls, and the same happens with children.

That's why I think it's also a great option to choose a neutral decoration that is equally beautiful but has other colors. For example, I loved the room we see in the image. To start one of the walls has a wooden effect, we do not know if it is actually a paper vinyl that simulates it or really is a panel of end wooden sheets that seems to imitate bamboo, here it leads us towards a certain oriental touch.

We corroborate it with the farorillo we see on the bed and of which only half is appreciated, also typical of China (for example) and the panda on the bed certifies us what we thought at first. In addition, the choice of sober colors combined with the use of wooden furniture is also very successful.

Right now it is full of stuffed animals, but referring to the change of decoration with the passage of age, these can easily be replaced by other elements as their preferences change.

Via: Cookiemag