Recently we saw how the screen of a computer can be converted with a few simple tips in a curious terrarium to install in our garden and in which some bugs will take refuge. Personally, I'm not too fond of garden bugs, worms, spiders, snakes, snakes, etc ... I'm more of animals with hair and feathers.

computer bird cage

Perhaps for this reason I liked this second application of a computer screen more. Taking advantage of the side of a cage has been built a curious habitat for birds, and although it is true that it will have less light than in a normal cage will also be more sheltered from the cold in winter. I assume that I do not like animals to be caged or tied, I feel very sorry to see them because they are deprived of the freedom with which they were born, but at least if we have a pet it must be in the best possible conditions and Someone who cares to prepare what will be the "home" of your bird some affection must have towards him.

As we can see, its construction should not be very complicated. You just have to dismantle the interior, and once done this condition the interior, putting food, water, a vitamin supplement or plates to strengthen the peak. On the front we put a part of the cage that covers the entire screen where the glass was and, importantly, we must choose a side that has a door because otherwise there will be no way to put your hand or take the bird. To close the screen with total security it can be screwed, as we see very well in the image.

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Via: There I Fixed it