To decorate the bathroom!

The kitchen has long been one of the rooms or spaces of the busiest house and where you spent more time, but for a while that trend is changing. The Bathroom It has become an essential piece in a house. And as such, it requires a decor specific and special.

Part of this new importance of bath it is due to the arrival on the market of services that make us relax and forget about the daily stress. We are talking about jacuzzi bathtubs, of showers hydro massage, etc. In short, every day the evolution in the furniture and decoration of this room is more noticeable. Currently, the lines are more aesthetic, there is a mixture of materials, etc.

To begin with, we must take into account the volume and space available to us. We must know the shape of the bathroom, if it is rectangular, square, where has the radiator, the bathtub, etc. In addition, we must be very clear about the use we are going to give it. If we are going to put a large bathtub or a hydro massage, among other accessories.

Very important is the wall and floor covering. We must use materials that resist the humidity that that room is going to have and that last us a long time.

The problem of electricity must also be kept in mind. And the ventilation of the room. The materials of the furniture. The bathroom is much more complex than many other rooms in our house.

When it comes to hiring a designer, it is important that we see some photos of his previous works to be able to check if his style agrees with ours.