Have you ever wanted to have a mannequin at home and that's why you've been called rare? Do not feel lonely in that desire, many of us feel that there is a special charm in human models, life size, and although we do not really know what use to give, we insist on keeping that dream. Something we could do with the mannequin, maybe sit in the living room? The solution would come quickly if it also had an additional function that would validate them in front of the eyes of some unbelieving friend or your husband, worried about your mental state.


Imagine a classic mannequin man, articulated, in real size, which takes a completely new form and use, then, remember how much the classic lamps have given us since time immemorial. Now let's combine it and arrive at a result which, fortunately, had already concluded the design house of Singapore DANIEL LOVES OBJECTS. Controversial, provocative, elegant, exquisite, are lamps of the collection AT YOUR COMMAND, you can put them in the position you want, in the place that you want, you could even have one in each space of your house and thus form an exquisite golden family , because gold is the color of its finishes. LED technology in its bulbs, back, knees and ankles articulated. www.coroflot.com/daniellove.