I love the decoration that borrows ideas from our daily life, whether objects, food (like the sushi we saw a while ago), animals, etc ... that's why I loved this fun burger puff or hamburger cushions, as we want to call it.

puff1 hamburger

It consists of several pieces that represent each of the layers and foods of the hamburgers: two tapas of bread, meat, tomato, lettuce and cheese. We can use it as a large puff, mounting each layer and resting our feet on it, as individual cushions, placing them anywhere on the sofa or in the room. Also, if you do not want to use it, you can always put it in a place in the room as a decorative object.

puff2 hamburger

The total diameter of the hamburger seems to be 75 cm, quite large and its price is 220 dollars, about 156 €.

More information: Etsy

Vía: Freshome