Surely any of you, who else and who less, has seen or heard of the movie The Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit, those short characters who inhabited a land called The Shire and lived in small houses that looked like caves scratched on the ground.

mountain house

Well, I tell you all this because we have found an almost similar to the hobbits but large, a house in full rule, but only with the facade of the street, the rest is buried underground. It is located in a town in Switzerland called Vals (it could not be otherwise due to the environment we see in the images) and is the work of the Christian Muller Arquitectos studio.

Mountain house2

Mountain house3

In the interior it is a normal house, with all the rooms and all the details, with the exposed concrete walls combined with stone and wood. Large windows give light from the outside on the main facade while allowing to see inside this curious house.

Mountain house4

Mountain house5

Mountain house6

Mountain house7

Mountain house8

Mountain house9

Mountain house10

Mountain house11

Mountain house12

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