In addition to feeding ourselves, hydrating ourselves, giving our bodies the dose of calories they need to be able to keep functioning; the necessary carbohydrates, the necessary fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals, time to eat is an excellent space for socialization. At no other time of the day are we more willing to speak cordially, to sit down in front of each other and expose our ideas, defend our ideals, reflect on our work or on the importance of peas in our lives.

Eating is a ritual and everyone has their own. I am in favor of a table in principle clean, clear and comfortable. I find it important to have napkins and a good set of cutlery, spoon, fork and knife should never be missing at the table, spoons for dessert and auxiliary to serve the sources. Sources for the food that is shared, a jug with water, dishes for incoming preparations, then others for the main ones, bowls for soups, small for appetizers and desserts, A glass for wine, another for water, a small glass for the coffee. Saltcellar, pepper, olive oil.

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The crockery is fundamental. It is necessary a versatile, that allows us to use it in informal occasions and in a more formal dinner. The OMAGGIO set of dishes, from the designers STILLEBEN - RECKWEG & NORDENTOFT, is a proposal in which each piece has the appearance of being a work of art and therefore, when combining it, the result in a striking appearance in the table and a functional and efficient service. More information on the Website