To all of us who love decoration and interior design, we love to peek at each other's houses from time to time, right? And more if it's about different, unique spaces rehabilitated and decorated in a special way. Like this modern apartment in Palma de Mallorca that I would like to share today, and that has a lot of things that I like. Do you dare to discover it?

modern apartmentThis modern apartment located in the capital of Mallorca, in the heart of the city, is the result of a very special project. He participated in it a great team of professionals Experienced and daring, who worked the miracle of turning an old house into a very special, warm and welcoming home.

modern apartmentA traditional and authentic architecture, of great beauty, was the starting point for this reform project. The team was made up of architect Mike Batcup, interior designer Ingrid Batcup and builder Paul Robinson.

After making a complete study, both from the point of view of the rehabilitation and the interior decoration, it was passed to the construction phase. The objective was remodel the space and create a new interior design, that yes, keeping intact the original and valuable elements of the building.

The beauty of the materials in a modern and special apartment

modern apartmentAuthentic, noble and tremendously beautiful. These are the materials that make up the construction and serve as a canvas on which the design of the interiors was drawn. They are, mainly, the stone and the wood. In addition to their great decorative capacity, they are perfect for add warmth to any environment.

And not only that, but they are also materials that put the focus on respect for the environment and sustainability, betting on the natural and setting aside artificial materials as much as possible (like plastic, For example).

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The colors of the Earth

modern apartmentOne of the keys to the design of the interiors in this modern and special apartment resides in the choice of color palette. In almost all the rooms earthy, very natural colors have been used. Not only are the colors of the Earth, but they bring an extra dose of warmth to the environments.

The brown, the earth tones, The tile and cauldron are the chromatic protagonists in this project, always combined with neutral colors, white and with some touches of black.

Design furniture

modern apartmentThe living room, the central space of the apartment, is comfortable and boasts a very relaxed atmosphere. It was furnished with modern furniture and design pieces, like the contemporary sofa or desk, both from the Andrew Martin collection. Or the complements and mirrors of Eichholtz. The result is a cozy atmosphere, but also sophisticated and elegant.

Textiles also have great importance in this modern apartment, both in the living room and in the rest of the house, as they contribute to making the spaces more comfortable. In addition to fluffy carpets and cushions as an outstanding complement, Romo fabrics were used in the curtains.

The importance of lighting

modern apartmentWe already know how essential it can become the lighting, to achieve the success of a rehabilitation and decoration project. In this case, the rule is confirmed sharply, since the lights have been one of the keys.

To start, the lounge opens onto a quiet terrace through a large window that fills the interior with natural light and connects it with the outside and with the urban scene of Palma.

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In addition, the lamps chosen by the interior designer for each stay of this modern apartment, belonging to the Eichholtz collection, make up wonderful lighting, that puts the focus of light and attention where it is needed, and that enhances colors chosen for decoration.

Rest area

The apartment has a single double bedroom, which was decorated in a meticulous and special way. It is the expression of luxury, in which it is possible to transport yourself to a Total relaxation scenario.

It is decorated in golden tones and has very sophisticated details, such as black and white photographs that cover one of the walls almost completely. The bedside tables are from Liang and Eimil.

The bathroom surprises with its elegance, spaciousness and brightness. I love the marble coverings of the comfortable double shower, with black taps and iron and glass screens. A double sink completes the toilet space.

All the keys in this modern apartment is Palma de Mallorca come to underline the importance of create comfortable spaces in which we can relax, but without losing sight of the elegance, design and style that we are passionate about. In my opinion, the purpose is praiseworthy, what do you think of it?

Rehabilitation: Paul Robinson.
Photos: Pernilla Danielsson.