The moment we say yes to the altar as well as accepting a man to accompany him in grief and adversity, in health and in sickness we are considerably expanding our family. An additional mother-I do not like to call her mother-in-law, second father, new brothers and sisters, nephews, friends, even businesses are part of our new life without even being able to choose.

What we choose to marry is a husband, nothing more or nothing less. It is enough already to have to deal with what we think are his faults so as to have to additionally support his mother, his brothers and especially the wives of his brothers. The situation becomes even more unbearable when, as in my case, the experience of increasing the family is repeated more than once. I, married for the third time, am an expert in enlarging and diminishing my extended family without even batting an eye.

My mother-in-law, the current one, has a special place in my heart because she has known how to enter my affections in a powerful way. As a wedding gift, I received a chair that has always been very special to me: the HILL HOUSE by designer Mackintosh. The piece, thin and tall, was conceived in 1902 more as an object of decoration than utilitarian. Built in ebony wood is considered one of the most representative in the work of this master of the Bauhaus movement. More information on the Website