If you are thinking about the decoration of your son's room or daughter now is today is the perfect time. Many times I encourage you to do the decorations yourself. As I always say it is not necessary to spend too much, with a little imagination enough to create really decorative items.

Today I bring you one perfect idea for your little ones. Do you like poufs? Yes, those seats so comfortable and soft ... we all want a pouf!

¿What would you think of a small, comfortable pouffe in the shape of a horse?? Yes, a horse with which to play and a comfortable and simple seat with which to rest. Thus You will decorate the room of the child and you will have a practical and functional seat.

It is quite simple to do, we just have to be clear about the materials and the idea to be carried out; a pouf is basically a Piece of cloth stuffed inside. But this time to the fabric instead of giving it a round or oval shape, we must give it the shape of a nice horse or pony.

The necessary materials They are:

  1. Scissors, cutter or something that cut.
  2. Fabric to taste, will depend on how big we want to make the horse.
  3. Sewing material, such as needles and thread.
  4. A rope or ribbon that will serve as a rein so that the child can hold onto his new pet.
  5. Two wooden arches, open.
  6. Two wooden boards about 3 cm wide.
  7. Filling for the pouf. They can be pieces of foam rubber, expanded polystyrene balls, scraps of cloth ... apply ingenuity.
  8. Paper and pencil to make the horse pattern.

Do we dare to start? The first step is assemble the internal structure of the horse, that is the rocker; with the help of the two wooden boards we join the arcs that they will be the base of the horse so that the little one can swing.

Once this is done We put the wooden structure on a large paper and with the help of a pencil mark the bow or rocker built. Freehand, in the same paper, we draw a similar horse to the image. Always leaving as a base the drawn arcs!

The realized figure it will serve as a pattern from the sides of the pouf; The next step is to take the cloth - to our liking - and, with the help of the employer, to realize the shape of the horse.

Once finished we cut the figure with scissors; we should leave minimum 1 margin cm to be able to sew it later. We join the laterals always starting to sew from below and we introduce the rocker structure inside. We'll be sewing up leave an opening where we will insert the pouf filling - abundant so that it does not deform too much with the use - we close and we sew.

Finally we are going to decorate our pouffe - little horse; With a bit of style, if we have not done it already, we will draw the eyes and the mouth. To finish off we can put a rope or a ribbon as a rein; and maybe wool for the tail, we can braid or sew leather or fabric strips in the back area.

It's a great and simple idea that will make the little ones in the house happy. But if yours are not crafts, too can be acquired on this web www.casasacchi.com.ar/src/Product.php?IdProducto=130