Valentine It is the ideal opportunity to decorate our home with a romantic touch. On many occasions we have talked about how to decorate some corners of the house and this time we will stick to the bathrooms.

As always, elements that should not be missing This day will be candles, flowers, strawberries and lots of champagne. An ideal environment to live a Romantic adventure with your partner. Relive special moments in a bathroom full of romance.

Lighting is an essential point and it influences the mood. If we intend to create a good romantic atmosphere, we will mix different types of lighting. All in soft tones, pFor this we will use candles or additional lamps, if it can be dimmers.

It seeks to stimulate the senses, for this we can prepare a delicious hot bath and use flower petals for example those of rose. We will spread the petals above the water. This will stimulate sight and smell.

If you like music, This is essential. Look for some atmosphere, something soft but not too cloying ... ^^.

The details will be very important, you can put toilet paper with hearts; Make homemade soap in the shape of a heart or put this funny toilet lid in the form of ... well it is obvious! If you want to acquire it click here.

For the rest, handkerchiefs, perfumes, some special carpet for bathrooms in red. Remember the color combination, think about the color of your bathroom furniture and the color you want to add from Valentine's Day.

As a rule it is the color red, since this it means passion... but we can also use pink or even white.

If you want to decorate the tiles, the toilet or any special corner of your bathroom you can paint them yourself or resort to the Stickers or stickers. There are hundreds of models and you can select the one you like the most.