Having an auxiliary table under our coffee table is not an impossible task, and it is not necessary to change the one we already have to buy another one. With very few materials and simple tools (which you certainly have at home) you can make a very practical side table.


- Wood plank

- melamine cap tape roll

- 4 wheels

- Screws for wood

- Electric screwdriver

- Varnish or paint (optional)

- 4 Wheels


First we must get the wood, the one that we like the most. It can be a square of solid wood or a square of a plaster of natural color malamina or any other color, but you must take into account in the election the size and color of the table that we already have in the room.

We measure the board to cut the melamine strips needed to cover the sides. On the back of the board place a wheel at each end, ensuring that they are equal. If you use opening tip screws (those with a very sharp tip) you will not need to drill holes in the wood before placing the screw.

If the color of the table does not convince you, you can always apply varnish, which protects and can darken, or paint the color you prefer.


Via: Total Home